The right view comes about through others’ opinions and through our own meditation.

A Spiritist guru Sri Maharishi Shankar is a forefighter of the struggle against poverty. Now and then he makes available some consecrated objects, filled with spiritual energy, to his followers. People can directly have a share of the masters’ spiritual force and helping support by the everyday use of the objects. The consecrated objects help to fight against poverty and to overcome shortage. His most popular relict is the energy card shaped bank card. By carrying this card on you, (for example in a burs beside the bank cards) you will have the possibility to attract through the helping force the energies to promote your economic wellfare. The result of these helping energies may declare itself in several ways. By using it, You will experiment the functioning of these forces, which help you to overcome poverty and attract to you the financial energies, which are necessary for a better life.

Life is nothing but a lightning int he sky. It runs away like a quick mountain brook.

Sorts of cards

Each card has an authentic certificate, which certifies, that the card was filled up with energy by Sri Maharishi Shankar himself. Also it gives garantee to its user, that the master’s supporting spiritual force will always stay on and accompany him in the course of his life.

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