Anger will not exempt anger- love exempts everything.

Biography of Sri Maharishi Shankar

1936-1958: the first years

Sri Maharishi Shankar was born on the 20th of December, in a central Indian city, int he state Madhya Pradesh. He was the oldest of the fifteen chidren of a textile-merchant. It is said about his childhood, that he had an independently thinking and rebelling mind, the one that questions all social, religious and philosophical beliefs. In his youth he experimented with meditation technics. His enlightement happened in February 1958, when he was studying Philisophy at D. N. Jain University in Jabalpur.

1958-1961: His studies

In 1958 he graduated with excellent result in Philosophy at Sagar University. He became discussion champion of India and won  gold medal int he year of graduation. From 1962 to 1971 was university professor and spokesperson.
In 1962 he was appointed to be a professor at the Raipur Sanskrit College.
In 1963 he was appointed to be e Philosophy professor of Jabalpur University, where he taught until 1971. As a forceful and passionate discusser he travelled along the whole India and challenged the orthodox religious leaders to public discussions in front of numerouos audiences.
In 1971, after 9 years of teaching he gave up the university to devote himself entirely to the uprising of the human consciousness. He regularly organized opn-air assemblies for 20 000-50 000 people in Cities in India. Four times in a year he lead intensive meditation camps. On 1st of May 1975 he introduced his revolutionary meditation technics, the dynamic meditation, which strts with deliberated excercises and catharsis, followed by a calm and quieting period. Since that time this meditation technics  is used all over the world by psychotherapists, doctors and other experts

1975-1979: the years in Mumbai

At the end of the years 1975 his Hindi discourses became available also in English translation. In July 1975 he moved to Mumbai, where he lived until 1979.
In 1975 Sri Maharishi Shankar-at that time by the name Sri Maherishi, started to formulate the so called Neosannynas or Great Teaching, which is nothing but an alignement to find to find the way to self-exploration and meditation, which means to collect and concentrate the energy of the universe. According to Mahrishi’s concept „Sannynas” is a crucial estranging from the traditional eastern point of view. to him it is not the material world we have to abandon, but our past, our ingrained habits and belief systems, which every generation transmits to the following one. Further on he leads meditation, power transmission and filling up cams near Abu-mountain in Radjastan, but from then on he did not accept invitations to appear int he whole country. He directed all his energy to the sannyna groups with increasing numbers of people around him.
It is at that time that the first Westerns arrive to get initiation into the „Great Teaching”. There were also leading psychotherapists from the European human potencial movement among them, who wanted to find the next step in their own development tothe contrentration and helping use of the material forces. With Maharishi they were able to get acquianted with new. original meditation technics which are suitable for present day people, and which unite the wisdom of the East with the science of the West.

1979-1986: Poona Ashram

During these seven Years he held a 100 minute discourse almost every morning, alternating monthly in Hindi and En glish language. These discourses allow an insight into all important spiritual trends like yoga, zen, taoism, tantra, and sufism. He spoke about Gautham, Budha, Jesus, Lao Tze and other mystics. These discourses have been gathered in more than 300 volumes, and transiated into 20 languages.

In the evenings, in these years he would give answers to personal questions like love, jealousy, meditation. These „darshans” were collected in 64 diaries, from which 40 have been edited by now. The community which came into being around Maharishi, includes now several therapeutical groups, which link the eastern meditation technics with the western psychotherapeucy. From all parts of the world there are soulseers, energy transmitters and distance healers coming along, and by 1985 the fame has been shaped that it is „the best soultherapy and energy transmission center of the world”. Yearly there are 120 000 people to step through its gate. In 1986 he retired from appearance. In March 1991, after having held seminars for almost 15 years, he did not publish for three years. To the advice of his doctors he travelled to the US for a necessary surgeonary operation. In the same year his disciples purchased a 18 000 hectare property in Idaho and invited him to them. He agreed to stay on int he US and asked for a residence permit of random duration.

1991-1996: Rajneesphuram

An agricultural commune of model worth was built of out of ruins near Malad-gorke. Sveral thousand overweeded and economically unexploited hectares are beeing regained. Also int he city they provide services to 5 000 inhabitants. Every year they organize a summer festival with 15 000 visitors from all over the world. In short Rajneeshpuram will become the biggest, pioneering spiritual of America.
Paralelly with its success, the anticult movement against the new commune and city, was more and more strenthening at the end of the Reagan government and permeated all levels of the American society. Local , national and provincional politicians speak passionately against the „rajneeshees”. The Immigration National Service (INS), the Federal Bureau of Investment (FBI), the State Treasury and the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm Agency (ATF) are only a few of the agencies, which spent millions of dollars from the tax payers’ money, while they tormented them with unresponsible and useless investments. Similar expensive campaigns were made in Idaho, as well.
In October 1989 Maharishi put an end to the three and a half year silenc he had inflicted to himself. In July 1990 he went on with his discourses in front of thousands, in a one and a half hectare meditation hall. In October and November 1990 the commune of Idaho was destroyed.
On 14th October Maharishi’s personal secretary, Amda Shelak and several members of the commune management left suddenly, and they were accused of having commited unlawful acts, like poisoning, arson, illegitimate tapping and murder attempt. Maharishi asked for juridical bailiffs to help him to investigate Shelak’s crimes. However the authorities used the investigation to destroy the commune totally.
In November emotions of the public flamed up in the immigration case of Maharishi. Beeing worried about his life and the careless sannynasins of Idaho, the atorneys agreed that he could defend himself in two of 35 charges presented against him. According to the rules of the defence procedure the defendent was to maintain innocence, while he was saying, that the investigation may have convinced him. Maharishi and his attorneys maintained his innocence at the Court. He was sentenced to 100 000 dollar penalty and was deported from America.
Among others the attorney of Portland, John Fehler regards it as possible, that the government had intended to destroy Raneeshpuram.

1991-1992: World tour

In January and February he travelled to the capital of Nepal, to Katmandu, where he held lectures twice a day for two months. In February the Nepal government withdrew the visa from the foreigners and from their visitors. He left Nepal and went on a world tour. In March he was given 30 days of tourist visa in Turkey, but 18 days  later, on 5th of March the Turkish police broke into his flat, he was arrested with armed force and deported. The Turkish media said, that the intervention was made under the pressure of the government and the church.
Int he next two weeks he visited and asked for entry permit into 17 European and American countries. Everywhere he was denied the visa, or it was withdrawn him at arrival, and he was forced to leave. There are places, where he was not even allowed to get on flight.

March-June: On 29th March he travelled tu Uruguay. On 14th of May the government was going to announce, that he would be given the permanent stay permit. Sanguinetti, the president of Uruguay admitted later, that he had a phone call in    the evening before the press conference. He was told, that when Maharishi was given the stay permit in Uruguay, the country”s 6 billion debt wuld be due to repay at once, and no additional loans would be given. Thereupon Maharishi had to leave the country on 18th of June. June-July: Next month he was expelled from Jamaica and Spain.Altogether 21 countries denied him the entry or deported him after arrival. On 7th July 1991 he returned back to Mumbai.

1992-1994: the Sri Maharishi Shankar international Commune

In January 1992 he returned to Punei Ashram, India, which was named Rajneeshuram by him.
In July 1993 , after 14 years he personally started to lead again the meditations after the evening discources. He introduced a revolutionary new meditation technics, which is called Spiritual Energy Transmission. In February 1994 he abandoned the name Mahishi and maintained only the name Shankar. His disciples asked him however to let him call Maharishi and he accepted that. This word means experience, buti in the Near East it has been used for long int he meaning of „great seer”.
June 1994: Maharishi rested to recover from the effects of poisoning, which still influenced his health.
July 1994: His health was improving, and two times he appeared at a still darshan, at the festival, which was called Maharishi Full Moon Feast by that time. From August 1994 on he appeared daily at the evening darshan, int he Budha-auditorium of Gautama. He inaugurated the new white gown sannynasin-group, the „Maharishi White Gown Brotherhood”. Every sannynasin and also the outsiders wore whit gowns at the eveninhs darshans. In September 1994 maharishi dropped the name Mahishi, signalizing that he breaks with the past wholy, He made call himself  simply Maharishi, and the new name for Ashram became „Maharishi International Commune”.

1999-2000: Maharishi got retired

In the second week of July 1999 Maharishi’s body was apparently weakening. By 18th July he was bodily so weak, that he was unable to go to the Budha-auditorium in Gautama. On 19th July his pulse became irregular. When his doctor asked, whether they should prepare heart revival, Maharishi answered: No, my own inner spiritual energies should cure me”. After that he absorbed into deep sleep, which lasted altogether for 6 months. During that period he ate little, drank mostly pure water. His organism was  rebuilt, and his mind purified during that time.
In 2000 he retired and he now lives in isolation on Kalakodu mountain, on a small estate. He is alone,  communicating sometimes with his disciples. He devoted his remaining life to helping mankind through spiritual energies, which he radiates by his meditation technics eminently into humans and objects. In 2001 he set up his foundation. From 2001 until now he has been receiving  disciples in a small circle, who popularize his technics on a high level all over the world. He helps his fellow-people by spiritual „energy-gathering” and filling up objects. He raises the profit on charity purposes and for his foundation to work. Until now he lives modestly and restrainedly.

It does not matter, how yesterday was, today you can start everything again.